Natural Landscaping in St. Mary’s County MD: Plants That Require Little Maintenance

Natural Landscaping in St. Mary’s County MD: Plants That Require Little Maintenance

The best part of natural landscaping is that it requires little maintenance. Mother Nature knew exactly what she was doing when she created natural landscaping. There are many benefits to natural landscaping such as being cost-effective, being chemical free, and having aesthetic beauty.

Add being maintenance free into that equation to make it even sweeter. Here are some plants that require little maintenance in the natural landscaping category.

Natural landscaping, of course, includes plants and brush that are typically found in the surrounding environment.


Returning Perennials

A perennial is a plant or bush that comes back every year. These plants have the ability to spread and grow in optimal conditions according to their species.

* The bleeding heart is one such plant that grows and thrives well in a woodland setting. It produces approximately 3-foot-tall stems that arch with brightly colored heart-shaped blooms. This plant loves the shade shade and grows well.

* The black-eyed Susan grows a gold and yellow petal with a deep black circular center. This flower resembles a daisy and reaches around 25 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Black-eyed Susans grow well in sunny conditions.


North American Ferns

* North American ferns ñ North American ferns are one of the favorites amongst native plants. They give off a plush ambience for any yard, whether front or back. The fern consists of a spreading, tiny, green leaf with a black stem. It loves to drink up wet soil and can reach up to two feet tall as well as wide.


Native Annual Wildflowers

* Everyone loves native annual wildflowers such as the coreopsis. They pop up in open fields year after year, spreading their beauty and natural elegance like a carpet full of color. They can grow up to approximately four feet tall and spread close to two feet wide. This sun-loving annual attracts birds and butterflies to the yard. Having wildflowers grow along a border or out in an open space is an easy way to achieve that peaceful feeling of being in a field of beauty.


North American Shrubs

* North American shrubs are a favorite amongst wildlife as it offers them natural vegetation for that ecosystem. It also provides homes for birdlife. ìBelleEtoileî has an absolutely wonderful smell and is grown in the typically sunnier sites. This shrub can grow almost to seven feet tall and has tons of tiny white blossoms spreading throughout.

These plants and shrubs are wonderful additions to any garden, as they are low maintenance and beautiful as well.