Waterscapes Built To Relax!

Whimsical Water Features

Add a touch of tranquility to your yard with a beautiful stream, pond, fountain or waterfall. We design and install custom waterscapes, throughout Southern MD,  in a variety of styles to complement your outdoor living space.

Water feature design and maintenance. 

Southern MD Waterscapes

SunScape helps homeowners employ many different design techniques to create one-of-a-kind properties. Adding a water feature to a landscape is one such technique.

Water gardens, koi ponds or fountains have been home landscaping trends for the past several years. Although water features can add an element of relaxation to landscapes, such features require maintenance to keep them attractive and running properly.

The right design

With the help of SunScape Landscaping Southern Maryland homeowners can create a water feature design that is fitting with the scale and style of their homes while also keeping their lifestyles in mind. Ponds are popular water features and, like pools, come in both inground and above-ground styles. Above-ground ponds are easier and faster to build than inground ponds and may be safer options for parents of young children. Streams and waterfalls also are popular and can make use of natural variations in property grading. Fountains can be freestanding structures or a component of a pond or another body of water.

Recognize that the location of the water feature can impact its maintenance. For example, a fountain or pond located directly under deciduous trees will require more frequent cleaning to remove leaf and tree debris. Ponds that receive direct sunlight may have more pronounced algae growth. Homeowners should work with the skilled water garden experts, SunScape Landscaping,  in planning the feature's design and location with safety and upkeep in mind.



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